BsB - Bhica's Beauty

The BHICA cosmetic line is the result of careful scientific research, with an innovative approach.

Starting from the active ingredients and the undisputed organoleptic qualities of the fruit used in NUTRASOUL , the BHICA Beauty routine was developed to guarantee your skin the correct and balanced vitamin intake, nourishing the body simultaneously from the inside and the outside, through skin care. dermis.

Highest quality products, 100% Made in Italy , developed to fulfill a specific mission:
define your well-being , daily.

Compound combined effect

Using the same active and nutritional ingredients as the fruit contained in NUTRASOUL , our cosmetic products act in combination with our nutraceutical products.

100% Made in Italy

All BHICA cosmetic products are developed, created and certified in Italy.

Natural products

All BHICA cosmetic products are natural, dermatologically tested and without the addition of silicones and parabens. Quality without compromise.

Compound combined effect
100% Made in Italy
Natural products


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Hyper Moisturising Day Face Cream Find out now!

Developed following a completely innovative approach, BsB Bhica's Beauty is a line of very high quality creations, imagined, researched and developed to redefine the concept of daily Beauty Routine, taking care of oneself from the inside and the outside, simultaneously.

BHICA, your well-being as the only objective.