BHICA Nutraceutica is your new way of consuming fruit every day in a simple and practical way.

Each pack contains 30g of dehydrated fruit mix, which is equivalent to the daily requirement of fresh fruit. The fruit is washed, cut and cold dehydrated without any other elements added. A 100% Natural product, 100% Made in Italy.

The subscription formula guarantees a constant intake of the BHICA nutraceutical. Every month you will receive 20 packs ready to use every day of the week.

The subscription is not binding and can be canceled at any time.

Free shipping30 day guarantee. Money Back Guarantee

100% Made in Italy

Natural ingredients

Certified Products

Plastic Free

How to use

Each pack, produced with recycled paper, can be opened and closed countless times during the day. Live your life with a BHICA Nutraceutical pack always with you, in your jacket pocket, bag or backpack. The pack is pocket-sized, designed for a life always on the move.

Modo d'uso

Ogni pack, prodotto con carta riciclata, può essere aperto e chiuso innumerevoli volte durante la giornata.
Ogni pack NUTRASOUL è sviluppato per soddisfare il fabbisogno giornaliero di frutta.

Vivi la tua vita con un pack di Nutraceutica BHICA sempre con te, nella tasca della giacca, nella borsa o nello zaino.

Il pack è tascabile, pensato per una vita sempre in movimento.


Combine BHICA Nutraceuticals with BHICA creams and get a compound combined effect for your daily well-being.