BHICA, The Italian Innovation

BHICA is conceived and developed in Calabria, the southern Italian region immersed in the Mediterranean: an incredibly rich land in terms of nature.

The vision behind BHICA is to achieve wellness and balance by nourishing body and mind simultaneously through nutrition and skin care.

All BHICA products are 100% Made in Italy, from a controlled supply chain.
BHICA guarantees the highest quality products, certified and guaranteed by independent experts and professionals.

We want to revolutionize the world of well-being thanks to a simple intuition: nourishing the body from the inside and the outside at the same time, using the same nutritional elements of fruit and the same active ingredients.



Find out now!


Find out now!


BHICA Nutrasoul: 30g of cold dehydrated fruit to ensure the daily requirement of fruit and related vitamins.The BHICA cold dehydration technique allows 95% of the water to be removed without losing any nutritional and organoleptic elements: it will be like enjoying a freshly picked fruit.

NUTRASOUL is contained within a recyclable, pocket-sized pack with an 'open and close' zip to carry with you every day, everywhere, conveniently.

Totally Made in Calabria!

BsB - Bhica's Beauty: Cosmetics

For each BHICA cosmetic creations, the formulation is specially created from the nutritional elements of the fruit contained in NUTRASOUL.

Taking care of your skin has never been so simple and effective.

Natural cosmetic products of the highest quality and totally Made in Calabria: BsB Bhica's Beauty is the tool for taking care of yourself and investing in your skin.

BHICA, The Art of Well-Being

BHICA, The Art of Well-Being